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Sayyed Nasrallah: Towards Largest Representation in Cabinet, Near Victory in Syria

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and their return to Syria

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah tackled the latest internal, regional, and international developments in a televised speech that he delivered on Friday.

Locally, his eminence talked about the cabinet formation file, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, security disorder in baalbeck,Hermel, and nationalization. Regionally, he tackled the developments in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Yemen.


Lebanese Cabinet:

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that: “since the elections were completed we asked for a government formation without wagering on regional developments. We were only concerned about the national benefits and needs which are based on refusing cabinet vacuum and economic nourishment… The main problem was the absence of criteria. There should be a certain criterion upon which the government is formed, and everyone should commit to this criterion. The criteria could be the election results, political power, public representation, or relativity… However, all the criteria proposed until now do not form a national unity government but rather a government based on a political and party representation. A national unity government should include everyone… so we call everyone to commit to the election results as a common criteria…”

He added: “I am among those who – after reaching an agreement with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri – will be demanding more than six ministers in the cabinet.”

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon and their return to Syria

Sayyed Nasrallah said: “there has been a conflict in the country concerning the Syrian refugees file, and this conflict has been taking a sectarian aspect. No need to be firm in this file as no one is demanding an obligatory return for the refugees. Everyone is calling for a voluntary and safe return… Our information in the field state that some international organizations and local parts are scaring refugees and giving them false information, and this is damaging the Syrian and Lebanese people and serving the benefits of certain parts.”

He added: “In Hezbollah, we are facing many complications regarding this file, and due to our good and strong relations with the Syrian country we want to help by connecting with the refugees, receiving their requests, forming lists, and proposing them to the concerned parts in the Syrian state in cooperation with the Lebanese General Security… This will help return the largest number of Syrians to their country.”

This file is still stuck, so in order benefit from the summer season, we formed a file inside Hezbollah that works on helping the refugees, we specified centers, phone numbers, and social media pages that refugees could contact us through, and Parliament Member Nawwar Al-Sahili is responsible about this file.”

Security Disorder in Baalbeck, Hermel

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that “after the elections a strange thing happened in baalbeck. This security disorder and media exaggeration about the anarchy in Baalbeck is incomprehensible and abnormal, and it must be studied. Deprivation and lack of development has been the case there since 30 to 40 years, even when the militants were in the barrens, the security situation was better than today.”

The situation there must be observed because it is unclear… We call upon the people of that region to cooperate with all the measures taken by the army and security forces, and to have confidence and trust in them. Neither the country will abandon its responsibilities there, nor will Hezbollah and Amal movement leave that region after all the sacrifices it had offered…”

Nationalization File

His eminence stated that “a couple of days ago a nationalization decree was issued for several individuals and this caused a lot of confusion among people. I assure that Hezbollah did not know anything about this decree and we don’t know those individuals. We have certain questions about this topic that we will not propose via media because the relationship with the president is based on respect, so our parliament members will be proposing these questions directly to the president.”

We don’t call for issuing a new nationalization decree, but rather issuing several nationalization decrees because this is a humanitarian and national right for many people such as those of Wadi Khaled or those with Lebanese mothers. This file is very controversial and it must be studied very calmly.”

Southern Syria developments

He further assured that “all the information in media are true and there are large breakdowns among militants as the social incubator abandoned them and is restoring its support to the government. Not just in eastern Daraa but all around the south, whether Daraa or Qunaitra, military groups are breaking down and seeking reconciliation. There is still one place that is under ISIL control and it will be defeated soon.”

US Central Plot

After condemning the US criminal act of separating children from their parents and imprisoning them in the US, he assured that “the Syrian file as well as the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran and its threats against the latter lay under the US central plot which is the deal of the century: Clearing the Palestinian cause.”

Processions of return are a great challenge, and we must stand in respect in front of the courage of the leadership and resistance fighters in Gaza who stabilized the equation of response to any aggression.”

On the Syrian-Iraqi borders enemy air forces bombarded Iraqi resistance factions, targeting Hezbollah brigades in Iraq and leaving a large number of martyrs and injured. This is a critical incident and we offer our condolences to the families of these martyrs…”

Addressing the people of the region, his eminence concluded: “It is prohibited to stay silent in front of any unjust assault on resistance fighters in any region. If we are tolerant, the aggression will continue… I hope that our brothers in the Iraqi resistance factions will specify the identity of the attackers and take the right measures.”

After hailing the Yemen bravery and courage against Saudi aggression, his eminence denied rumors about targeting Hezbollah in Yemen, leaving eight martyrs, and taking eight prisoners, and reassured that if this were true, Hezbollah would have been proud to announce about it.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Towards Largest Representation in Cabinet, Near Victory in Syria

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